Peanut Tufu Dish

So a couple of weeks ago now I tried this new recipe from Pinterest the other day! It was called 'Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl'. It's a completely vegan and gluten free dish and it tastes absolutely lovely! I really do recommend it even if you're not vegan, you could replace the tofu with chicken if you'd like (if you don't have a consconscien that is). I changed up the recipe a tiny bit and it worked out really tasty either way. I made a promise after the new years to try out some new foods this year, not just eat the same god damn thing every day even though it's totally lovely. So this was my first try and damn, I'm really proud of it | until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡
I started by 'cubeing' the Tofu (into very small pieces, like one square centimetre, and putting them in the oven for about 20-25 minutes with 200°C. While those were in I cooked the broccoli, roasted the chickpeas in rapeseedoil, washed the baby-spinach leaves and started cooking the rice. The sauce I had to alter from the real recipe because the store where I live didn't have all ingredients needed for it. When the tofu was done I mixed the sauce, tofu and chickpeas together in a frying pan and let it all mush together for about ten minutes. The it was all done, and soooo lovely! | link to the original recipie | 
For four normal sized portions ↓
♡ 2 medium shredded Carrots
♡ 2 tablespoons of rapeseedoil
♡ 1 package of Chickpeas
♡ Salt / pepper
♡ 1 package of Tofu
♡ 1 dl of Peanutbutter 
♡ 3 tablespoons of Tahini 
♡ 1 tablespoon of Soysause
♡ 2 teaspoons of sugar 
on the Side:
♡ 1 dl of baby-spinach leaves
♡ 1 -2 dl of Broccoli
♡ 3½ dl rice 
♡ roasted cashews 

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