five days in heaven (aka norrbo)

So yesterday I got home after being at my boyfriends for five days, it's been absolutely lovely. Lots of cuddles, both with Samuel and the doggos, some gaming(I'm using his blizzard account to play Diablo 3 on his laptop, I've played it sososo much on xbox360 and I absolutely adore it, though I haven't played it on pc before) and forest walks. The place where he lives is absolutely gorgeous so every now and then I drag him out of his little nest so I can just adore the view. On the Tuesday we spent most of the day cleaning his little cabin thing, moved out some of his old furniture and prepared for Wednesday, he'd ordered two new desks from ikea so we just fixed everything to be done so that we could just build the desks together the following day.
During Wednesday we (I) spent almost five hours screwing together them since he wasn't feeling that well, I don't mind at all since I find it so much fun building together new furniture, like I don't know why - I just find is so satisfying + knowing I was helping my love with something just makes it better. My body was aching quite a bit in the evening but the look of his face when he saw the final result made it all worth it. 
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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