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A song with a name as the title - Sophie ♡ Bear's Den
A really beautiful song, such a lovely-sad song to cuddle to.
A song that reminds you someone you love Follow you  Bring Me the Horizon
It reminds me of my boyfriend, he sent it to me about a year ago now when we first started dating and that. So when I first fell in love with my little Samuel this was constantly playing, so whenever I hear it I get all warmsl in my tummy, missing my love. 
A song from band I'd love to see live, even if they are no more - She Moves in Her Own Way ♡ The Kooks
They've been one of my favourite bands for about two years now. And I've never been to a proper consert so I'd love for them to be my first
A good song for a break up - Guilt ♡ Hurts
It will make you cry, but in like a good way. Like each time I've felt heartbroken I've listened to this one - and it makes me cry so much but I get it all and afterwards feel better. Obviously a heart break is going to feel horrible but, this is a good song. 
A song with no lyrics - comptine d'un autre été l'après-midi ♡ Yann Tiersen
I absolutely adore this beautiful song, it's probably my favourite song on my playlist Livros - it's perfect for when I'm writing!
A feel good song - The Schmuel Song ♡ the Last five Years
This is on my top five favourite songs of all time, like words cannot express how much I love this song. It's just too wonderful. I remember when I found it back in the summer of -15, my boyfriend at the time really didn't like it and didn't let me play it becaue it was 'stupid' but gosh I adore it. I don't understand how you just couldn't love it!
A song I can remember my parents listening to - Sweat ♡ Inner Circle
I don't remember the exact story behind this song and their story, but it's really romantic and my mum dances whenever it plays. I find it adorable. Like they've been together for like so many years now, and they still love eachother so much. 
A song people wouldn't think I'd like, but I do - Rabbit Run ♡ Eminem
I completely love Eminem, and whenever I tell people that they seem surprised - idk why but apparently I don't look like listen to him, don't really know how that works. 
A song from one of my favourite albums - re:stacks ♡ Bon Iver
Well I loved Bon since I was like 13 and this was one of the first songs of him I heard. 
A song with a good musicvideo - Into the Fire ♡ Asking Alexandria
The song is just 10/10 and I love everything about the musicvideo haha.
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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