A Good Day!

So today's been a really good day, the last three days have been sorta shitty but I'm glad things are turning around. On Thursdays I get to sleep in an hour longer than the other weekdays but as usual I woke up quite a bit earlier than my alarm, then my first class of the day was Maths, which I really adore - the teacher is such an adorable man. I also had Swedish class where we prepared for the nationale Tests, like I've been here for less than four weeks haha, but I'm sure it's gonna be fine, I really like the teacher so I'm not that worried. But the best thing today is that my package from Uk Custom, my tapers are finally heree iiiiih! I've wanted to get my ears stretched since I was like 13 but I wasn't allowed by my parents but now when I've moved away from home I ordered them haha. I'm sososo happy! Now I'm just waiting for the time to get half six so Em' and I can go dancing, today's such a good day | until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡


2017-11-16 | 19:06:16

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