Today was just a meh day. Slept so nicely, woke up feeling alright, after breakfast I had to to the hospital to get my arm checked out(during Saturday noon I got bitten in my lower arm by a cat lol), so I ended up having to get a tetanus shot. So I missed one hour of school,  then I had art-history, which went alright. I also had Swedish class and maths. In the middle of that I also had to call customer service to a thing, took about 35 minutes for them to understand me. Like my English isn't perfect but I can without problem communicate what I want, but the guy I talked to spoke English but he had such a harsh like Indian accent I could barely understand him and he didn't understand me and it was just such a mess. Then since it's Monday it was cleaning day, so me and Anna cleaned the house. Then I also took the liberty to refurnish the living room, so now it's just so nice! I love it haha. Now I'm gonna go and call my boyfriend and then I'm gonna continue to draw. 
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

Såg väl bra ut, sa dad
Jättemysigt, sa mum
Stor kram

Svar: haha tack mor
Anna Saarela

2017-11-27 | 19:38:55

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