Nine days later

I'm exhausted, my ribs hurt and I'm feeling grumpy. Good start of an entry haha, but in all seriousness - urgh. As I wrote a while back I got my ribs splintered, somehow, and now it's starting to feel again. The doctors said it could take half a year for it to get better, and that it could go up and down in when it hurt or not in the begging after starting with the medicine. And since it got a lot better, I stopped with the pills, and now the pain is back - yey. Other than that I'm not allowed to start taking my drivers licence. Like before you're allowed to start here in Sweden you have to do a check, eyesight and just health. And since I've had troubles with fainting in the past, they did like a bigger investigation with me. And it turns out my old doctors have been wrong, they said there was nothing epileptic about me - they were wrong. So according to the new brain scans I did I got 'Epileptic Tendencies' and they need to look more into it. So before that's done I can't start studying to get my licence, which is a bummer and the reason to why I'm feeling grumpy.
And why I'm feeling exhausted, well because of last week and the previous few days. First I went to Stockholm, it was lovely meeting my relatives again - don't get me wrong. But it's tiring haha, but me and mum went home on Sunday evening, got home quite late and then on Monday morning I went to a School, and honestly, I loved it. I can so see myself going to that school. I think I'll apply. Then on Wednesday I went to my boyfriend's place and stayed until yesterday, mostly lovely. So today I've been a potato and just been lying in bed watching Sherlock. 
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡