Albums that I adore 🎜

Inside In / Inside Out | THE KOOKS
I bought this ablum during Christmas last year when I was in England, me and the person I was there with went into Bedford one day and we stumbled upon a poundshop, I think it was called, and I bought like 13 CD's haha. I like the idea of supporting the artists I like even though I bought these albums secondhand. But I really adore it! I didn't know who they were at the time but my ex, who I was there with, said he thought I'd like it and I really do! My favourites are probably; She moves in her own way, Ooh La and Matchbox!
This is one of my absolut favorite albums of all time, even though I just found it back in january this year. His sound and his poetry is just, it get's me speachless. But a few favorites of this album is; You, Teach Me, 
Milk Teeth and Lying to You. But gosh it feels horrible picking songs from this album that is so perfect in itself.
Rue Royale | RUE ROYALE
My two favorites of this album is Lunacy and Stars, or On and On - gah. It always feels horrible saying 'this is my favorite', like with kids I guess. Not that I have any haha but it'd feel horrrible saying you have a favorite but obviously you still kinda do but not really. I'm not making any sense am I? Haha, either way. This is such a lovely album that I adore painting to, or whenever I'm painting I make sure to sometime during process that that RR is playing.
One of the cosiest fucking albums ever, or GAI as a whole is just. This artist is the definision of cosy. Like, just listing to this album. One of my all time favorite songs is on this CD, and that's Saint Valentine. I can't even describe how much I adore that song haha! 
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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