Tattoos n' hospitals

So, it's been a while haha! I've had lots of things on my table, Monday-meeting, Tuesday-work n' meeting, Wednesday- following my friend to the tattooplace, Thursday- doctors appointment. But most of it has been fun! So the meeting at monday went well, I ended up being super tired afterwords though. The meeting at Tuesday was super lovely haha. Wednesday was marvelous, I adore the entire feeling of that tattooshop. It'sso cosy and lovely, plus the artist is so good and, he's a laugh. And then the doctors appointment today. Not the most pleasant one, mostly because of the mess that's left in my hair afterwards. What I did was EEG, followups from last year because of all the drama I had with my health. I'm about to go and shower now but I just wanted to make a post haha. 
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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