Red Hot Chili Peppers & other tunes

Lately I've been obsessing over Red Hot Chili Peppers, like how can I not have listen to them properly earlier?! I'm ashamed haha, I adore so many of their songs now it's sick. My favourite is probably She's Only 18, or By the Way. Though I feel rude for picking a favourite haha, is that odd? Like I've only listen to them for a couple of weeks now(properly) and I've already added 16 songs, that's a lot to me. Other than that I've finally taken my time to listen to the Smiths & Ramones. Like my dad has played them growing up(not the Smiths though) yet still I haven't bothered looking them up? Gosh I feel like a retard. With the Smiths I can't stop listening to Rubber Ring(louder than bombs) n' Ask and with Ramones it's Pet Semetary and Beat on the Brat. I adore that my collection is growing, even though I don't have any of their CD's yet. Am I the only one who still buys records from the band and artists I like? Feels like everyone has stopped with that..
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡