in Love

CAN YOU SEE HOW PERFECT AND ADORABLE THIS DRESS IS? I want it, I need it in my life. Sadly that won't happen because it's £160. ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING SIXTY QUID. I'm so silly and quite honestly pathetic so I'm feeling heartbroken because I know I'll never wear it haha. Why do I crave clothing more than affection from humans? - until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

Albums that I adore 🎜 pt. 2

Every Kingdom | BEN HOWARD
My favourites from this album gotta' be; Diamonds, Black Flies, the Fear & Only Love. This is an album I've adored and loved since the end of -13 I believe. I so admire his voice, he almost sounds like an angel haha. 
Restoring Force | OF MICE AND MEN
This is one of few albums I can't really pick a favourite from, I've loved and saved every song from this album to my favorite list on Spotify. Well I'll just say this is one album I really adore as an entirety rather than the songs by themselves. Though I can't really listen to this album no more, like it's freaking great but, this was my go-to album back when it came out and I was extreamly sick at the time. So now whenever I hear it unless I'm having a bad day it just brings back the memories of when I was so very depressed it can almost push me back into old habits. 
Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces| SEETHER
Another album I totally love! To be fair Seether is one of my favourite bands of all time as well so it'd be rather weird if I didn't like it. But for my favourites I'll say; Fake It, Like Suicide, FMLYHM, No Jesus Christ and Walk Away from the Sun.
A Place in the Sun | LIT
This album I actually have! I bought this at the poundshop back in England last year and, I adore it. I found this band and album when I was in 8th grade so it was about time to have it, like in person. My favourties must be; Zip-lock, Miserable and Perfect One.
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

Two Favourites

Old pictures from back in -14 when I bought them, nawh I was only sixteen. But these are probably my favourite dresses. The fact that I own around 30 dresses now is INSANE. I need to cleanse out my wardrobe, but I wear and love them all, so I don't want to give any of them up but at the same time, having that much clothes isn't good. Am I saying now when I know that I'll end up buying more of them sooner rather than later hehe. - until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡