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So I was bored = me looking at things I cannot afford but so desperately wants. I saw some post on facebook from one of the bands I like and the thought that I wanted merch of them popped up so I started googeling and I ended up on impericon, and it went from me wanting merch from one band to nine, and I didn't even find any for the first band haha. Like if I dare to order from there, I'll probably order the t-shirts in large so they'll be all oversized and lovely. The one I want the most is the 'We came as Romans' tshirt (not that I've listen to them in years, but that t-shirt is just so my aesthetic. I adored them when I was 13-14, I lived for them haha) or the Moose Blood one, aka both of the white shirts. MB have made one of my favourite songs of all time(cherry) so I'd love this shirt, it's also the album cover of the album that has the song. But seriously if I had the money I'd order all of them, like I own two band t-shirts, TWO. I feel slightly pathetic haha.
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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