coffee time

So today me and Derek went for another coffee which was very much needed on my part, the move is stressing me out so badly I really needed to think about something else for a few hours. Tomorrow and friday me and my mum will finish up with most of the packing, then in the afternoon on friday I'm going to a proper hairdresser to get my hair done, I was supposed to get one last week but the lady who were gonna cut it was sick so I got a new appointment this week, I fucked it up prettly badly last time I cut it myself so it's such a mess now. Then on saturday I'm going to Samuel's, gosh I'm gonna cry so much haha. It'll be the last time I'm there before coming home for chirstams, I'll be without my love for two months, the thought makes me wanna cry - gosh I'm silly haha. 
Until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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