STYLE-TRY | Peter Pan Collar + tattoo rant

One type of item I love is peter pan collars! I think I always have since they're so adorable, I remember when I was younger I always used to draw these girls wearing them. Almost on every single drawing I did!
Something I just noticed about the outfit to the left is that It almost looks like a dress, it isn't I just forgot to add a little space between the two clothing pieces. 

Lately I've gotten quite OBSESSED with watches haha, maybe a bit odd thing to be obsessed with but whops, what can you do. I bought my first watch little over a year ago now, and I adore it.
It's a really cute black and silver watch, also as a cute touch the numbers in the watch is roman numerals!
I love roman numerals, for a while I wanted a tattoo with it but now I'm not sure anymore since it feels like such a mainstream tattoo these days.. But really, which tattoo's aren't?
The whole stigma about tattos as a whole; What tha fuck is up with that. Sorry for the profanity but seriously. This whole thing about that ALL tattoos need to have the deepest of menings. You can want and get a tattoo because the motive is pretty, because the aesthetic of the tattoo is pleasing to you. You can get a tattoo because it symbolises something for you, a small little memory you want to keep or similar. You can get a tattoo because you want it as a reminder for something - or AGAIN, because it's a cute thing. Personally, I don't need the deepest of menings for me to want a tattoo. One of my tattoo plans, is basically a inside joke. But still, I adore the idea of the tattoo and it's gonna be goregous. My first two tattoos has a meaning and that, though one of them isn't deep or anything, it's just because I like a certain thing. But to go back to what I first started talking about, mainstream tattoos. What's wrong with those, really? Like, what would be wrong if I wanted a dreamcatcher on my ribs(or a text), 
a quote on my wrist or maybe one of those infity ones. Why would those be 'bad' just because lots of people have them, tattoos aren't just a thing becuse 'you want to be special' or 'want to look different'. So just becaue lots of people have legs, would that mean I should cut mine off? Haha, a bit far fetched but you get what I'm saying. 
Either way, sorry for that little rant and for getting of topic haha. But Peter Pan collars. The first outfit is just adorable, I love polkadots so that helps haha and since the 'white' in the shirt has a yellow or brown undertone, rather than a true white, I matched the outfit with lots of brown colours! The little bag, again with that overlaping thing that I adore. Also I took a camel kinda colour nailvarnish with it, which is something I've been kinda looking for. I got no clue why, like why would I want a light-brown nailvarnish? But there is just this something that wakes up my inner derp about being able to match my nails with my tea, or is that me just being a retard haha? Either way, Keeping the outfit suddle and cute. The other outfit though - GIVE ME THOSE SHOES. Haha, for starters I found the cutest watch ever, totally need one of those. And I decided that my next outifit were to go with that colour scheme. The blouse is adorable as well as the clutch, I wish I had this entire outfit waiting for me in my worderob haha - also adding a cute black bow for the hair. 
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

this is halloween

So yesterday I was at this halloween thing, it was loads of fun actually. So I dressed up as Billy the Puppet, from the saw movies. My number one gulitypleasure when it comes to movies, like my love for those films are just, no words - I just love them so much. So I had like spray-coloured my entire hair black again, not the best idea because now I wanna dye it back to black, slapped some white paint all over my face and then black around my eyes and then just his classic makeup. I didn't have a red bowtie so I hotglued some red ribbon together and pinned it to one of my chokers with a hairpin. Then my roomie Anna dressed up as like some mermaid/snake hybrid. The picture doesn't do it justice, it was gorgeous! Like with all of the glitter, and boy do I love glitter
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

so now I've officially moved

First entry from my new house, and I must say I really like it. Of course it isn't perfect but I really like my room and the livingroom. I also really like my roomate, she's also called Anna so that's a bit of a laugh. So far I'm not dying from missing my cat and boyfriend so much, though the cravings are super bad. Two months to go, I won't be going home before Christmas, but it's gonna be worth it. I really need this, like get away from my home town(even though I'll miss my loved ones) and start studying again. It's gonna be good for me, I just hope I'll manage to keep my relationship. Like there is no doubt in my mind that my feelings for Samuel won't change, like I'm so in love with this boy, it's just distance is hard. And it's gonna be difficult to make it work, I know that. I just hope he'll keep fighting too. 
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡