our day in Røros

So yesterday me and Karin went to Norway, more specific Røros! Such an adorable little town. First we did one thing I can't talk about because it involves christmas gifts to people who's probably reading this haha, then we just exploered the streets. We went into one of the little stores on the same street as in the picture and I found this one super super cute ring, it was in real silver and was just so beautiful. It was really inexpensive as well, and when I tried it on I was like, gosh I need this in my life, and then Karin just said; 'Watch out now so your boyfriend won't get worried haha'. And my mind just went blank, and then - oh. It looked like an engagment ring lol. So I didn't end up buying it, kinda regret it haha. It basically looked like this but without the gold(because I hate gold, it's just so tacky), and the stone was more of a pure white rather than with blue and a lot smaller. But who knows, they said we'll probably go back to Røros once more before Christmas so who knows, I might buy it then and get engaged with myself | until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

Så gulligt det ser ut <3

2017-11-03 | 12:10:06

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