Christmas feelings

Pictures through Pinterest | So for weeks now I've really being having Christmas feelings, like humming on Christmas music and buying Christmas presents. I can't waiiit for Christmas this year, it's by far my favourite holiday - I just absolutely adore every bit of it haha. Plus this year I'm gonna meet my boyfriend for the first time in two months, 45 days to go haha. But I love all the decorations, making gingerbread cookies, eating waaay too much peppermint(because boy do I love peppermints). 
So today's Father's day and I'm feeling so guilty - like each year since I could hold a pen my father has gotten a card drawn by me and this year (since I've moved) he won't be getting anything. I thought about making a card and sending it by post but I found out just a few days ago that it was this weekend and not next week so I didn't have enough time. I'm sure he won't mind, my father knows I love him - it's just my guilty feelings that's bothering me | until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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