01/11/17 - 13:36

So me and Anna(my housemate) just got back from our little adventure, we got to go and ride horses, Icelandics I think they're called. So precious! My horse was called Tor, he was super stubborn and a bit grumpy but other than that it was loads of fun. The weather wasn't the best either but I've missed hanging out hourses so I didn't mind at all. The rest of today we're just gonna hang out in the house i think, tomorrow we're going to Norway! iiih, I'm super excited since I've never been in Norway properly(i've just driven over the border and then gone back to Sweden. Then on friday me, Anna and Johanna are going to have like a home-spa thing. I believe we are going to go swimming as well but I'm not sure | until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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