Tablet | the new Year

It's the new year, 2017, haha. Last year went past so fast, felt like it just started. So much of it was shitty to be honest but towards the end so much of it got better. I spent my new year at my boyfriend Samuel's, super lovely. Some of what we did was started watching Vikings, I've wanted to watch it for some time now but haven't since I don't wanna stream it illegally and been broke hah, we watched a couple of episodes and I'm hooked. Sooo good haha, something else; I can't believe it's already been a year since I stopped going to school, feels so unreal. I miss it so much - I miss studying, not the actual school. But in two weeks now I'm going to the school I'm hopefully gonna start at. 
It's been Chirtmas too, I'm so glad that all the gifts I gave ended up being appreciated. For myself, one of the things I got was Photoshop, I got a tablet when I turned 18 but I haven't been able to draw with it since because I haven't had a program to draw with haha. I'm so happy, it's so much fun to draw digitally. I'm not used to the program yet and I before Christmas I'd only used one a tablet like five times, so don't be mean at me for not being amazing haha.
my character S' from when I go fullon nerd with D&D | and her owl Bubba haha, these are just the outlines - not the finshed products ↓
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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