in the Making of Ruining my Hair

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So, two days ago, Tuesday the 21th of February - I kinda impulse-bought hair-bleach. And when I got home, I used it. So now my hair is a mess. Like I got 'roots' on about two cm that's pure blonde-yellow, because that was my virgin hair. Then it's orange for another four cm ish and then it's dark-dark brown and like the most fucked up bit is that I don't really mind haha. I'll wait another two ish weeks until I bleach them again, try and only do the lengths this time.
But I wanna go back to having brown hair. I was cleaning my computer, and I stumlbed upon a few older gifs of mine. And I really miss the brown hair, I adore my black hair - and I'll probably die it back in a couple of months when I've ruined it haha. 
- and since we're already talking about my hair, I cut like 7 inches off, a little while ago. I love it, I feel cuter in it, it's short and fluffy hihi. Really Anna? Really? Is hair all you're gonna blog about? Pretty much | - until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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