STYLE-TRY | Buttoned Denim Skirt

Last week I bought a buttoned denim skirt at work(I work at the red cross // a little secondhand store). And I got absolutely no idea how to style it haha, I usually stick with black skirts, or maybe a red, green or blue tartan/plaid patterned skirt. But when it comes to denim, I haven't worn it nor styled - like ever. I know I wore it back in the days in preschool but I haven't really since. So, what I've done is put together these two outfits as well as used pinterest as a guide. Do they look okey, or will I make a fool out of myself if I go out like this? Haha, I know it all goes down to personal style and 'how you choose to express yourself' but this is so out of my comfort zone it's insane haha. I prefer black on black, maybe something navy blue if I'm being bold haha. 
Denim 0.1
so I actually love this! I've grown a love for hats, as well as my old love for thighhighs. Also I'm looking for a new nailvarnish, I need that perfect grey colour, where can I find one?!
 What I think I like most about this is the fact that it's mainly black but still has a bit of colour. I'm really trying to get better at using / wearing colour but it's hard when you've gotten used to only wearing black for so many years! 
Denim 0.2
I'm adoring this, but I'm not sure about the jumper, or rather the colour of it. I wish I was braver with the colour because I do like it - in theory. Not so much in person haha - but, it do look kinda cute together - what do you think? Cute or shoud it go in the trash bin haha?
About this though, the bag. I've been thinking about buying a similar bag for probably three years now but I just haven't gotten myself into actually doing it, + now would be perfect since the bag I have is getting old and losing shape, nor does it feel secure to have my things in since it doesn't have a sipper nor like, a proper clap thingie.
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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