Looking for Schools..

So I've been looking for schools a lot lately, because my plan is to start studying during the autumn next year - but I don't know where. I think I want to go down south, but then there's a struggle of getting like a place to live and to get a job. But most of my family lives in the southern part of Sweden so it would be lovely to move down there so I'd get the chance to see and be with them more often. But I'm torn between what to do, but I've found a few ones that I'm considering at least. 
At the moment I'm on my way to a friend, I'm planning on spending the night there + I'm off tomorrow. Work has this event that I just can't do, they're going away to this place and it'll be lots of people. And me with my social anxiety just couldn't cope haha.
Also, just to not leave this entry picture-less, I'll just show you this adorable dress from Pull & Bear, I only have one ithem from them but I'd love to get more!  
- until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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