With my Crush

I just got to my crushes place, he's in the shower right now so I'm using his computer hihi- I had other plans for this weekend but that got cancelled but I don't really mind since I get to spend more time with Samuel. So now I'm just scrolling through tumblr and listening to music, I feel so late for just discovering twenty one pilots haha! But I do really like them, I only just started listening to them yesterday, I did it to start with since my crush likes them and I wanted to know what their sound was. I really like stressed out and goner from the album Blurryface~ to be fair these days everyone knows who they are and everything about them it seems like haha. Something else; the first snow is here! I'm not excited, it's absolutely gorgeous don't get me wrong, but neither me nor my wardrobe is ready for winter. I don't have a proper winter jacket nor shoes ha. The coat I had last year is broken, or I could fix it but I need to buy some buttons hi. - nor do I have any pictures for this post but he's here now and I'm to embarrassed to blog in front of him, so bye | until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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