2th of November -16

Hello. So I just stepped out of the shower, fun fact I know, and it was lovely haha. My hair was for some reason super greasy already, even more fun facts. I don't really know what to say or even how to type haha, but today I celebrated a birthday, not mine haha - but last week I posted about going on a date, it was that guys birthday today. So yesterday him and I met up after I finished at work and him at school. Then we took a bus to his place and 'celebrated' or whatever haha. I'd made a little card for him since I'm a derp haha, but omg I adore all of his animals. Him and his family got like four cats and then a dog and omg they're so incredible adore I wanna die haha ~ so was his father to be fair. I'm lactose intolerant so his dad had bought me a special little desert thing since they all were gonna eat some cake that I couldn't eat, like how adorable isn't that? Either way, I'm gonna take an early night and probably just scroll on tumblr for a while. 
// dress I adore from pull & bear - until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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