LATEST OBSESSION | The Four Brothers

Sounds a bit creepier than I'd planned haha, but it's the band Kongos! I adore them, like lots. I only found them a couple of days ago, but oh how much I love their sound! My favourites so fair is probably Escape, I Don't Mind and Take it From Me. And I love how the band is fromed by four brothers haha, makes it like, cute and stuffs. Plus that it's their dad who writes the songs, it's all so cute. And the sound is not something that I'm usually drawn towards, it's kinda rock but not quite. Hahah it's hard to explain but I really do recommend them! 
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

I GOT TATTOOED | the 18th of November

So I got tattooed yesterday, I'm kinda speechless haha. I'm so happy I'm finally got tattoos, I've been carving them since I was a little child! So I got two of them yesterday, the 18th of November 2016 - exactly four months after I turned 18 years old.
But I thought that I could go through my tattoos here, I don't think I'll ever post pictures straight up of my tattoos to the internet, but I don't have a problem talking about them. So first I got a little text on my left arm, or it's not even a text - it's just one word. It's on my lower left arm, and it was the first of the tattoo the artist did.
The tattoo artist, he was very kind through out the session and since it was my very first tattoo, he first he did it without any ink in the needle next to where my tattoo were gonna be so I could kinda feel what it would feel like so it wouldn't be as much of a shock.
But that one really didn't hurt at all, and I know I know, it's a needle piercing your skin - 'it will hurt'. But that one really didn't. It mostly felt like if my cat were scratching me a little, nothing bad or hurtful and it was over in about four minutes, not more - probably even less. The word however is in portuguese, which is because of two reasons. One, I really think portuguese is a gorgeous language, then just that, that very word that I have is just so pretty - and for anyone I meet who sees the tattoo that do speak the language, it isn't misspelled. I know the spelling but since I wrote how I wanted it to look like myself, it's not proper or correct calligraphy or so, an R might not like like it's 'supposed to', but it's how I wanted my tattoo to look like haha.
Then the one that's on my right upper'inner arm, you can see it a bit in the first picture ^ to the left. It's more or less just a wreath but I so adore it, this one really has a lot of meaning to me - or both of these have really haha. My wreath however did hurt a bit, only the two longest lines and the top two leaves { on each side, that was closest to my armpit though. But those two lines really hurt haha, it kinda felt like the artist was cutting my skin open with a razor blade. Then the actual leaves in the tattoo, are filled in with dots - since I adore dotwork. And oh lord how pleasant it was, not even kidding it was absolutely lovely!
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

IT'S OFFICIAL | + fallin' in love

So I ended up spending the entire weekend with Samuel, oh lord he's lovely. I was supposed to go home quite early during on the saturday but there wasn't any buses at all and because of the weather my parents didn't want to drive to pick me up, not that I minded haha. Something else that I've forgotten to mention is that it's now official. My name is now Anna, like on paper and on my ID card and everywhere. I get so happy everytime I hear a stranger say my name I get close to tears, and when I got my letter that's exactly what happened. I became a puddle of happy-tears on the floor haha | until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡