19th of December, 2016

As usual it's been a while haha, I know this is my blog and I should just write what I want, though I always feel annoying while writing. What's new with life, my crush is now my boyfriend, I'm working my last work at the cross this week, sadly, and I'm trying to learn german! I have a friend helping me now, he's born and raised there so it's fun. Though I only know how to say 'I'm dead', a couple of colours and how to insult cats. It's a start at least, but it's so much fun! I so wish I'd taken german in school rather than trying to study spanish for 3½ years.. Something else, It's christmas in five days(?!). HOW HAS THIS YEAR PAST SO FAST. Like it's already been a year since I stopped school, I've worked for a year now. Gosh how I miss studying.
until next time, stay safe. Lots of love, Anna ♡

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